Solid information networks and proper analysis reinforce situational awareness and enable access to key stakeholders and locations.

What we offer

We have a multicultural team of analysts with first-hand experience of many of the security and political issues which drive international politics today. With an extensive knowledge of the geo-political terrain, in addition to maintaining strong communication with sources on the ground, our team is ready to address your needs by providing you with time-efficient, qualitative solutions.

Elections and Political Risks

We produce in-depth analysis and briefing papers on elections in a number of countries providing:

  • Global overview
  • Possible scenarios
  • Forecasts and recommendations

Field operations support

We have a solid network of informants on the ground that can provide:

  • Context Assessment
  • Actors & key stakeholders mapping
  • Security Risk Analysis
  • Pre-departure and onsite briefings

Research and analysis

The topics we cover:

  • Geopolitics
  • Security
  • Non-State Actors
  • Terrorism

Context Monitoring

Regions we specialise in:

  • MENA (Middle East & North Africa)
  • West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa
  • Central Asia
  • Mediterranean

What they say

Security Risk Management

Duty of care, governance, operations management, safe access to beneficiaries… Security Risk Management is at the core of any organisation, from HQ to deep field level.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management is a key management process to ensure the safeguarding of people, assets, programmes, reputation and ultimately, the organisation itself. Are you prepared?

Access & Analysis

Operating in risky environment without a proper understanding of the context and a solid information network can be hazardous. Information is the key.


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