Our approach: Developing a set of tools for the participants to prepare effectively for the management of security in their environment.

Learning Objectives


Raising awareness by developing the participants’ ability to understand their environment and to question their organisation about any security issue that might occur.


Increasing knowledge about security and safety best practices and the security management tools; security, contingency, crisis management plans; that address some of these issues.


Developing basic key skills and techniques that each participant should master in order to mitigate risks in their environment and respond efficiently in case of critical incidents.

Learning environment

  • Safe learning environment
  • Small groups
  • Real life simulations, practical and theory
  • Seasoned and certified trainers
  • Adult learning/teaching techniques
  • Cutting edge training material
  • Based on best practices
  • Adapted to the latest sectorial developments
  • Certified courses (EFR, Highfield, TECC)
  • Main training center near Paris, France

What they say

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