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First Aid


You will participate in a Safe Driving Training in which there is a first aid component.


The first aid course and certification offered by OSC are based on the Emergency First Response (EFR) standards. It aims to build the rescuers’ confidence to provide care in a medical emergency. Also, it focuses on primary and secondary care through a combination of knowledge development, skills and realistic scenario practices to ensure that participants have confidence in their ability to provide care in the event of an emergency situation.




Additionally, the course includes a reference on first aid treatment for various emergencies such as allergic reactions, burns, assembly of the first aid kit, heat stroke, etc.


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Although the courses (Emergency First Response – EFR) are based on recognized international standards, OSC aims for broader integration purposes, including in its courses the international standards of first aid of the Red Cross. The Red Cross remains the reference organization and is present worldwide with national societies in most countries where NGOs operate.


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Finally, aid workers generally work in dangerous environments (conflict zones, remote areas, natural disasters) where emergency services are unavailable. Therefore, based on the recommendations of C-TECC, OSC included in its course concepts of rescuers in isolated environments, practices and equipment (emergency evacuation, tourniquet, homeostatic dressing) in order to adapt its course of first aid to the reality of humanitarian workers in the field.


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