Security Management

Purpose of the training

Security management is a vital part of any organization’s remit. Our training enables organizations to work to their best ability in difficult environments, safeguarding their staff, whilst operating at the highest level possible.

This training aims to develop the understanding of security management tools among field staff through a combination of guided discussions and simulations. The objective of this training is to ensure that participants are comfortable with the following situations and competencies:

  • Contextual Analysis: actors, mapping, information collection
  • What makes us vulnerable?
  • Threshold of acceptable risk and limits. Focus on specific NGO mandate and program
  • Image and perception: Humanitarian access and the challenges of acceptance
  • Security Documents (briefing, plans,…)
  • Mitigation measures & physical security
  • Site and Premises security
  • Incident Reporting
  • Abduction and hostage situation
  • Crisis Management contingency planning


Our regular course is 2 days and can take place in your office or any other suitable location.


Anyone with security risk management responsibilities.

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Our approach

Whether through their security or development backgrounds, and sometimes both, OSC’s team has substantive experience working in degraded security environments. The vast majority of our trainers have endured and have had to manage security incidents. This has infused our approach to security and is at the heart of all of our trainings.

We believe that:

► Each incident is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to security, only good practice.
► Insecurities are best approached through preparedness.
► Preparing against threats works best when knowing yourself.
► Trainings should empower people.

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